With an Annual Return of 29.4%, AlJazira Saudi Equities Fund Received Argaam’s “Top Performing Fund Over 5 Years

 المهندس زياد أبا الخيل - الرئيس التنفيذي والعضو المنتدب للجزيرة كابيتال

The pioneer in Brokerage Services in the Saudi Market, AlJazira Capital (CMA permit number 07076-37) received Argaam’s “Top Performing Fund over 5 Years for its Saudi Equities Fund, where the Sharia Compliant Fund achieved the highest return among all funds investing in Saudi equity (with AUM of 100 million SAR or above), realizing 29.4% return on investment. Argaam’s survey included Funds investing in Saudi stocks exclusively.

On this occasion, AlJazira Capital CEO and a Managing Director Ziad Aba Al-Khail stated: “This award is a welcome addition to the awards that Aljazira Capital earns as a result of its achievements and excellence in providing innovative financial solutions, and a confirmation of our competent, distinguished and specialized team capable of continuing to develop financial products and services in line with the economic development witnessed by the Kingdom.

Aba Al-Khail confirmed that AlJazira Capital confirms its quest to keep up with and adapt to financial market development, adding: “We are proud to receive this prestigious award, which supports excellence and encourage fund managers in the Saudi market to exert their utmost efforts. The prize reflects the success of our investment approach, our risk management strategy and a recognition of the strong performance of AlJazira Saudi Equity Fund.”

He continued: “The Fund has been successful since its launch in 1999. It is an investment fund that aims to develop long-term capital by investing in a diversified portfolio of Sharia-compliant companies listed in the Saudi stock market. Its net assets amount is about SR 384 million, distributed over the main Saudi equity markets. The Petrochemical industries account takes 41% of total investments, banking and financial services 41% and 18% distributed on telecommunications, financial services and other sectors.”