Dr. Ahmed Seraj

Under the auspices of the Saudi Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society, Sanofi, the leading global healthcare company, organized a medical conference on type 2 inflammations including Atopic Dermatitis and Severe Asthma. Held at Jeddah Hilton Hotel, the event included eminent speakers from various health sectors who spoke about the best ways to treat the Atopic Dermatitis and Severe Asthma diseases using the latest technologies and medicines which recently approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. The conference also included an elite of doctors and consultants, and it focused on significant topics, most notably the management of atopic dermatitis and Severe asthma, an how to recognize them and identify their vital signs.

In his opening speech, Prof. Abdullah Al-Angari, President of the Saudi Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society, praised the society’s keenness to organize such important conferences to review the latest developments in the type 2 inflammations , and to attract specialists from around the globe. “The scientific papers presented at the conference contribute to informing about the latest developments in treating these diseases. Sanofi Dupixent Medication plays an important role in the treatment of the second type of immune inflammations, which include atopic dermatitis and Severe asthma. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is among the few countries around the world that provide such a treatment for this disease.” Prof. Al-Angari added.

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On the importance of the conference, Dr. Ahmed Siraj, General Manager of Sanofi Saudi Arabia, said: “It is of utmost important to develop cooperation between specialized Arab and international societies by exchanging experiences and knowledge and the latest developments in the treatment of the type 2 immune Inflammations, and the need to hold training courses for beginner Saudi doctors to hone their skills. The disease has several remarkable features, including its genetic aspects and family roots; its signs that include dry skin, allergy towards special types of food, sensitivity to exposure to dust and weather changes… etc., all of which must be taken into consideration when treating the disease.”

Several lectures were delivered in the first and second days of the conference which covered various topics, including the relationship between basic immunology and allergies, difficulties in dealing with type 2 immune inflammations, and the role of immune cells in disease and clinical trials, among others. Some local experiences with new Sanofi Biologic were also reviewed. The conference presented the best practices of treating type 2 immune inflammations from Canada and Saudi Arabia, where Professor Jason Lee conveyed the Canadian experience to the attendees about immune diseases. Two workshops were also held on the second day of the conference on atopic dermatitis and Severe asthma.

Atopic dermatitis is classified as a chronic inflammatory disease, the symptoms of which often appear as skin rash. Advanced atopic dermatitis is accompanied by skin rash that often covers many parts of the body skin, and may cause severe persistent itching, dry skin, cracks, redness, and scales. Type 2 Severe asthma is also classified as a type of chest allergy. Being a chronic inflammatory disease, its symptoms often appear throughout the day and in most cases almost everyday. Among its symptoms are:

  •  Waking up frequently during the night.
  • Difficulty in practicing daily physical activities.
  • Poor lung function and the need to use the inhaler several times a day.
  • Repeated fits that require taking cortisone.

It should be noted that Dupixent was developed through partnership between Sanofi and Regeneron under a global cooperation agreement. The drug is the first in its category to be approved by the European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration in order to contribute to the treatment of moderate to Severe atopic dermatitis, and Severe asthma for patients in the age category of 12 years and above. The European Commission and the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the drug was based on data from the global clinical trial program for both atopic dermatitis and chronic asthma.Sanofi is planning to hold this event on yearly basis to discuss the latest updates in Type 2 inflammation disease as being scientific leader in this field.